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Kandil Steel

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Kandil started since 1865, passing through several phases, Kandil focused on flat steel in the 1950s by trading in flat steel, initiating a small workshop for processing steel sheets. In 1980’s, Kandil started the first modern flat steel service center KAMA in 10th of Ramadan city. By 2000, Kandil Steel initiated the first privately owned cold rolling mill in Egypt followed by its first Galvanizing line. It also started up the pre-painted steel line in 2004.In 2016, JFE Steel acquired 16.5% of Kandil Steel shares, and become a real strategic partner to rely on for technical assistance and raw material supply. Kandil built its name as a reliable Cold Rolled, Galvanized & Coated flat steel supplier, in more than 30 destinations worldwide, covering many markets from Europe, USA, and MENA to Africa where the company has a representative office in Kenya. The company’s current production capacity is about 650,000 tons/year.

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