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Sphinx Glass

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Sphinx Glass

Leading Float glass Manufacturer in Egypt and MENA

Sphinx Glass Company is a relatively young company, yet with a lot of achievements and accomplishments. The company started production in 2010, with a plant located in Sadat City, on 220,000 square meters. Before 2010, there was only one Float line in Egypt, and it was not enough to meet the demand of the local market. Basically, no more than 30% of the market need was served and the country was relying on importation. With an objective to make Egypt one of the top exporters in this industry, 200,000 tons of glass per year of capacity were put online by Sphinx Glass to serve the domestic market and export market.

Sphinx Glass has acquired a license from PPG Inc., USA which allowed the company to build a production line at the forefront of the technology as well as to ensure a superior and continuous training to our workers and engineers. PPG license helped Sphinx Glass maintain a strict quality standard to better position ourselves within the local and the export markets.

The Glass industry requires high investments, highly efficient marketing and Commercial team, technological capabilities and trained human resources; and this makes Sphinx Glass stands out.

Besides its geographical location helping Sphinx to target different export markets, Egypt enjoys high resources of raw materials related to the glass industry. On top of them comes the silica sand with its outstanding quality and highest purity which gives the glass an exceptional transparency and light transmittance.

Sphinx Glass products are largely used in the construction field as well as the automotive and home appliances industries. These products are using clear float glass, in addition to the reflective and tinted glass coming out in various tones such as bronze, grey, green and blue which was recently launched with two different types of coating.

Sphinx Glass required expertise to produce thin glass for automotive industry. This type of application needs higher technical skills to maintain the quality of small thickness during the manufacturing and to meet the industry standard needed by the processors. Nowadays, Sphinx glass occupies the forefront of supply for this segment in Egypt when before it was almost relying on importation.

Sphinx Glass has maintained its position to be the supplier of choice for many processing factories through commitment, dedicated customer service team and continuous improvement.

With the support of PPG Inc., The benefit of quality testing lab inside the plant, working round the clock, minimizing the chance for error. Sphinx Glass respects the international standards in manufacturing, which allows the company to acquire international quality certificates such as ISO 9001, ISO 18001 and ISO 14001 and CE Mark

The glass as a material is considered an environment friendly material because it is recycled. In addition, when used in an optimum way according to its performance, it helps meeting the green building requirements and contributes to energy savings and environment conservation.

Sphinx Glass collaborates with real state developers, consultants, architects and engineering offices by organizing and participating in relevant events, relating to the new trends in construction and energy conversion.

In parallel, Sphinx Glass provides technical advice and support to top partners aiming to work more closely with them and provide the best solutions to achieve architect excellence

Sphinx Glass will always strive to continue being at the forefront, leading the industry in Egypt and always strive to serving its partners with passion, providing them with products and solutions.

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