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Construction & Reconstruction Engineering Co.

Dorra Group is one of Egypt’s largest private sector groups, founded in 1943 as a construction company by the late Eng. Mohamed Hassan Dorra.

After being nationalized, Dorra Group was re-established and through the insightful vision of Egypt’s future, Dorra Group today has navigated its way to sustainability and success.
Flourishing locally into a market leader within many fields, Dorra Group is currently leading in; Construction, real estate development and investment of both residential and commercial developments, and is of equal standing in the International markets of the Gulf and MENA Regions.

A pioneer in the field of construction with a remarkable record of success since its establishment in 1943. Where CRC quickly assumed a prominent position among the existing companies in the construction field in Egypt.
Since the early 80’s, the company expanded internationally in the Gulf Region and adopted a strategy of joining forces through Joint ventures with major international construction companies such as British John Laing International and Costain, the American Harpers and Howards, the Japanese Dia-Nippon and the Spanish Cimy enabling CRC to complete many major projects most efficiently.

Dorra Group has always been a major contributor to the national initiatives, rebuilding war affected cities in the 50s, building factories in the 60s, expanding infrastructure in 70s and 80s, pioneering in new cities development in the 90s, expanding to the UAE, QATAR, SAUDI and recently AZERNAIJAN and continues supporting the national brand by currently building The Gate and Almaqsad

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