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MEP Services

MEP Services

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  • HVAC- R
  • Plumbing & Water Technology
  • Electrical Systems
  • Security & Fire Protection
  • Solar Energy
  • Facilities Management
  • Water Proofing & Insulation


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  • The company was established at 1964 as the first specialized UPVC plastic pipes manufacture over Egypt and the Middle East. We’ve always been working according to the latest manufacturing industry related technologies and specially the German technologies, machinery and standards for the manufacturing of our plastic pipes and fittings
  • The current production lines and manufacturer machinery of pipes and fittings reached a total number of 40 pipes extrusion manufacturing lines and 51 fittings injection manufacturing lines.
  • As they are producing more than 60,000 pipes tons per year with the capacity of 12,000 fittings tons per years.


The main objective of Al Amal company is to become the largest manufacturing of plastic pipes and fittings, its strategy in work is to follow the international standards of quality, continuous improvement and diversification in products.