60 Seconds With - Eng. Yves Rahbany

Eng. Yves Rahbany
Operation Manager



➤ What are the major opportunities you spot in Egypt’s construction industry?

The Egyptian construction industry's output has been growing fast since 2015. Such increase can be attributed to public and private sector investments in infrastructure and residential construction projects. The construction industry is expected to continue to expand strongly over the forecast period up to 2022.

➤ In your opinion, what is most important about Egypt’s construction industry today?

The Egyptian construction industry has an important effect on the country's social and economic growth and development.

While the industry used to stem from a lack of resources and technological expertise, today there is growing awareness: all kind of resources for the building industry are available, creating a strong competition. In our opinion, stability will go a long way in improving the industry’s efficiency.

➤ Any forecast for the next 5 years?

The Egyptian government's push to stimulate the economy after a turbulent post-revolutionary period is good news for the construction sector these days. Dozens of planned mega-projects and public works initiatives mean that the contracting industry is facing sizeable projects across all segments of the market. Some of the large-scale plans include a new capital city, the exposure of the Suez Canal, the last 2 phases of the metro and the development of touristic areas on the Mediterranean coast.

➤ What are the major growth drivers for the industry?

The construction industry remains one of the most important contributors to the domestic economy. Especially since 2016, the sector’s output increased in a significant manner. Construction also accounted for the highest share of implemented investments in the country as per the last study from the Oxford Business Group. Heavy projects are already planned and in process from the New Administrative Capital to the Suez Canal Economic Development Zone

➤ Why is The Big 5 Construct Egypt the best place to showcase your products?

Exhibitions in general are a great way to promote our products in the market, but The Big 5 Construct Egypt is one of a kind. It serves in a fantastic way to promote our business on a large scale, reaching out to large numbers of potential partners, staff, and customers, being the biggest industry exhibition in the region.

About Araco for Building Materials
ARACO was established in 2012 for manufacturing concrete admixtures,ready mix mortar powder,grout,tilling,waterproofing,flooring and repair products. After the successful entry in the Lebanese market, the company decided to open its first foreign branch in Cairo - Egypt. Our product are tailored for compatibility with available raw materials, while conforming to local and international standards requirements.Our innovative products and technologies are sourced from our knowledge and backed by extensive in house development to meet the ever-changing demand of the local and regional construction markets. Our on-going research, development and innovation process are the key factors for our sustainable growth. our focus to continue offer quality system, and tailor-made solutions to fulfill and go beyond the demand of the regional construction market.