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Industry Talks

Empowering your success through knowledge

With your career progression and development at the forefront of our mind, The Big 5 Construct Egypt helps professionals keep up with the latest industry trends and standards, and gain a competitive edge.

We do this through our comprehensive education agenda featuring 30+ educational sessions held over all four days. Conveniently located in our education theatre, you can witness case studies, gain market insights, and hear from leading experts all in one place.


Smart Buildings Talks

The smart buildings market globally is projected to reach $42M by 2024, growing at a CAGR of 19.6% from 2018 to 2024*. The buildings of the future have a human-centric approach to design and use integrated processes, smart engineering and technologies to self-regulate building environment and operations.  The “Smart Buildings” Talks at The Big 5 Construct Egypt will feature expert speakers who will share their knowledge and expertise to understand how smart building technologies are a driving force. The Talks will focus on Smart Home & Building Automation, Access Control Systems, Measurement & Control Technology, Parking Gate Systems, Artificial Intelligence and Building Surveillance.

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Architecture & Design Talks

Architecture & Design talks will embody a thought-leadership experience operating at the crossroads of design, architecture, heritage, building codes and regulations. Built to foster solution-oriented conversations, they will feature a mix of presentations, panels and fireside chats. Our aim is to achieve sustainable change for our delegates by hearing from leaders on their vision and ideas, best practices and their experience equipping our delegates with a roadmap to prepare for the future.

Project Management Talks

The COVID-19 pandemic caught businesses around the world off-guard and has presented project managers with "unknown unknowns". The only way forward for project managers to combat this rising challenge is by keeping abreast of the new techniques, learning from leaders and understanding how best they can perform to succeed in this VUCA world. The Project Management Talks will feature expert speakers who will share best practices and case studies to help project managers achieve excellence, encompassing topics such as risk management, agility management, lean construction, cost management, driving successful transformation and more.

Technology Talks

The immediate start on the “Digital Egypt” initiative by H.E. The President, has put greater importance on organizations and leaders to leverage new perspectives, ideas, and approaches to the design and deployment of new technologies in the state's construction and urban planning projects. Technology Talks aim to give our delegates practical guidance and expert insight on topics such as implementing digital transformation. It will also focus on some practical case studies on today’s most important trends and emerging technologies including IoT, AI, Digital Twins, Augmented Reality and so much more.

BIM Talks

With the introduction of the Egypt BIM code, the importance of BIM implementation in the construction industry is growing rapidly year-on-year. Greater adoption of BIM will alleviate many of the productivity challenges facing the industry. It is now of the utmost importance for construction professionals to learn more about the much sought-after tool, its implementation, best practices and more. Hear from industry leaders on their successful BIM implementation strategies and how you can adopt this technology in your projects.


Engineering Talks

For all the changes in engineering the basic design processes have remained the same since the time of Ancient Egypt. However, ‘open innovation’ is playing a major role in what engineering looks like in the future. Embracing transformation in Egypt’s engineering community will be key to future construction developments, including, computer simulation, younger engineers joining the workforce and developing engagement models to move from a cost based to a value based approach. The Engineering Talks will focus on the opportunities engineering brings to the industry while balancing low cost and fast delivery of engineering projects with sustainability, safety of the workforce and innovation and design.


Sustainability Talks

Sustainability and green buildings have become vital to maintaining a certain life quality level for future generations. The rising importance of sustainable construction is pushing the construction and infrastructure sector to implement strategies focusing on more environmentally friendly ways of building. Sustainability Talks will focus on how and what can be done to promote sustainable and affordable designs in construction. Hear from local industry leaders on successful case studies, sustainability trends, innovations and developments to champion sustainability in the upcoming projects.

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