Exclusive BIM Video Series

Have you heard about the newly approved BIM code in Egypt?

We are excited to bring you a unique video series covering the new BIM codes presented in partnership with Tea Serv - BIM specialists in Egypt. This exclusive video series outline new codes that will affect BIM professionals accross the Egyptian construction industry.

Meet our speaker - Kamal Shawky

Eng. Kamal Shawky is CEO of TEA Engineering Services, He holds a (IEng) Member of ICE - institutions of civil engineers (ICE is one of the worlds). He holds a MSc 2014 in Structural Engineering and has a vast experience in structural engineering design and analysis different types of buildings. He assumed different posts in his career and is currently Project and BIM Manager - Deputy Project Manager/technical manager of University to Work initiative at ECG, (This initiative aims to produce world class skilled students among Egyptian universities and qualified them by developing their technical and soft skills and molding their character to become to comply with market needs). He is the Author of Revit Structure Fundamental 2012 Book and Building Information Modeling Book & he is Certified Professional For Autodesk Revit Program (Architecture and Structure) 2012, 2014, 2015 He has worked in Mega project outside Egypt such as Kingdom Tower (The highest building in the world ), Air Show 2013 ( Dubai Airport ) , Dragon Mart Mall in Dubai, Shamiyah Expansion ( El Haram El Maky) during his work in Dar Al Handasa.

What is covered in the videos?

Through a series of informative videos, Kamal Shawky will take us through the BIM code, including:

  1. Detailed overview
  2. Execution plan
  3. Are the codes mandatory

Learn about these codes here first.

Important: These videos cover include English presentations explained by Kamal in Arabic.

Scroll below to view the videos.

View the videos below

Due to the detailed nature of these videos, they have been broken into a number of parts allowing to view smaller portions of Kamal's presentation.

Scroll below to view all the parts below.

BIM overview videos

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

BIM moderation and execution videos

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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We would like to thank our sponsors TEA SERV for supporting us with the exclusive BIM video series with Kamal Shawky.

The BIM Exclusive Video Series is brought to you by TEA SERV and The Big 5 Construct Egypt.

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