02 - 04 2019 سبتمبر
19:00 - 11:00 :اليومي
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Ahmed Salman graduated from Modern Academy for Engineering and Technology, with a Bachelor of Architecture degree in Architecture and Modern Building Technology. He joined Pinnacle Construction Projects (PCP) in March 2015 and is a key member of the organization holding the position of Head of Architecture. Ahmed is responsible for working on a number of high-profile projects such as:

  • Oracle HQ
  • Barclays Bank Branches
  • Musherib Complex
  • Secon Helton Nile Towers

With over 7 years of professional experience in the discipline of architecture Ahmed brings a great variety of expertise to the field. He has worked intensely on various residential and commercial projects focusing on Concrete design, Construction and Fit out projects. He is a highly motivated professional who possesses exemplary skills at maneuvering difficult and complex problems. Further, he encompasses great talent at managing resources, organizing team activities, always looking for ways to improve processes with a long track record of producing complete project plans including scope and planning for critical activities all the way to producing quality results in a time-efficient manner.

Professionally, he is always eager to be familiar with the latest trends in architecture, urban planning and design, redesigning of slums, various Egyptian and International modern planning strategies and criteria with emphasis on building and planning regulations. He sets the criterion within the office for a client responsive approach to design which has resulted in a service oriented standard of uncommon success within the industry.

Philosophically, he ascribes to the principle that the professional service of architecture is responsible for instilling value within its product.