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Al Amal / Al-Sharif



Al Amal Co. For Plastic Pipes & Fittings (Al-Sharif) was established at 1964 as the first specialized UPVC plastics manufacture over Egypt and the Middle East.

Al Amal Co. For Plastic Pipes & Fittings (Al-Sharif) currently holds the leading position regarding the local level and one of the leading manufacturers at the Middle East in the field of manufacturing plastic pipes and fittings of all kinds [UPVC ,PPH ,CPVC ,PPR & PE].

Working on a factories on a total land space of 180,000 m² at the 10th of Ramadan City; In addition to the latest laboratory equipment and quality possessed by the company to make all of the necessary tests starting with the raw materials itself till it reaches the shape of the final product which made the company in necessitate for multiple ISO and quality certificates so the company can meet its obligations to the community in the belief role of the national development.

We've always been working according to the latest manufacturing industry related technologies and specially the German technologies, machinery and standards for the manufacturing of our plastic pipes and fittings.

Our current production lines are 35 Pipes Extrusion machinery manufacturing 60,000 Tons annually and 55 Fittings Injection machinery manufacturing 12,000 Tons annually, exporting about 30% of its total productive income for 12 states-of-the Arab and African countries.

ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board certified that our testing laboratories has been assessed by ANAB and meets the requirements of international standard ISO/ICE 17025 while demonstrating technical competence in the field(s) of "TESTING" Refer to the accompanying scope(s) of accreditation for information regarding the types of tests to which this accreditation applies.